Last night, freedom of the empty streets<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

My hands wrapped around the metal bars of my gate

My thoughts like open fire



He was scared by my restlessness.

He stood in the dark and held his breath –

For a moment I felt happiness.




a few not-so-good poems from today. after 7 of them decided to stop - they're not getting better so why bother. again, just flashes of someone else's life. maybe this time there was too much of me involved. me and my feelings and stuff that's been concerning me a few days now. memories of my past and how i relate to some people because of those past thoughts. this is quite unexplored field of certain feelings that i'm unwilling to talk about. or better, i don't trust anyone well enough to share this stuff. still, it's in my head and some real life issues (seen in news etc.) bring it up.


oh, btw i yesterday made a quiz @ to test my level of darkness. well i scored 100% on "murderous/scary". tells something of my thoughts at the moment. O.o well, if i ever go to then only to get results like this.. *hehe*